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8 Yards Dumpster Rental

When your large-scale construction site, expansive renovation project, commercial rebuild, or industrial cleaning generates heavy-duty waste debris in quantities needing robust containment and disposal, renting an 8-yard dumpster appropriately scales for managing high-volume capacity demands. This oversized roll-off dumpster bin contains around 8 cubic yards of trash storage potential—meeting hefty debris piles from bigger demolitions, factory overhauls, shopping center upgrades, and more.

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What Is an 8-Yard Dumpster?

An 8-yard dumpster is an extra-large heavy-duty roll-off waste container with 8 cubic yards capacity, often used for huge construction, demolition, and industrial debris removal.

When To Rent a 8-Yard Dumpster?

Here are some examples of when to rent an 8-yard dumpster:

Commercial building construction

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Breaking ground on new retail stores, restaurants, offices or multi-use buildings generates tons of debris able to fill an 8-yard container.

Industrial renovations

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Upgrading factories or warehouses produces waste from old assembly lines, venting, floors, and walls needing an 8-yard dumpster for a disposal room.

Major high-rise overhauls

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Remodeling lobbies, hallways, offices, and tenant spaces in entire towers creates debris and requires 8+ cubic yards capacity.

Shopping center refreshes

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Updating multiple large anchor stores and common spaces in a plaza produces refuse necessitating 8 yards.

Residential block development

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Simultaneously constructing multiple homes in a subdivision creates collective waste exceeding smaller dumpsters, requiring 8 yards capacity.

Extensive demolitions

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Tearing down entire residential or commercial buildings and removing rubble materials quickly accumulate for disposal, justified needing an 8-yard dumpster rental.

How much does it cost to rent a 8-yard dumpster in New Jersey?

The average cost for renting an 8-yard dumpster in New Jersey usually ranges from $225 to $300 per week. Prices differ based on several factors, including the rental duration (with shorter rentals often being more cost-effective), location (urban areas may have higher rates), season (costs may rise during summer and construction seasons), load type (overweight fees may apply for heavy materials), and additional services like same/next day delivery, appliance/tire disposal, and bin relocations.

How big is a 8 yard bin?

An 8-yard bin is approximately 6 feet high, 6 feet wide, and 12 feet long.

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What is the volume of an 8-yard dumpster?

The volume of an 8-yard dumpster is 8 cubic yards.

How many bags fit in an 8-yard dumpster?

An 8-yard dumpster can typically hold about 96 full-size garbage bags.

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How heavy is an 8-yard dumpster?

The weight of an 8-yard dumpster varies, but it can hold up to 3,000 to 4,000 pounds of debris.

8 Yards Dumpster Rental Period

You have the option to rent an 8-cubic-yard dumpster for a duration of 7 to 7 days, although rental terms may differ depending on your location and could be as brief as three to five days. If your project extends over a more extended period, it’s often possible to extend the dumpster rental with a fixed daily fee. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding rental periods specific to your area.

Types Of Materials Allowed In
8 yard dumpster

The types of materials allowed in an 8-yard dumpster can vary based on local regulations and the policies of the waste disposal service provider. However, generally accepted materials may include:

Material Type


General Waste

Everyday household waste, including paper, cardboard, and plastic

Green Waste

Organic materials like grass, leaves, and small branches

Construction Debris

Significant amounts of construction and demolition debris (wood, drywall, etc.)

Large Furniture

Bulky furniture items such as sofas, chairs, and tables


Larger household appliances (non-hazardous)

Mixed Debris

Miscellaneous items, including toys, clothing, and small non-metal items

Masonry and Concrete

Acceptance may vary, check with the dumpster provider

Scrap Metal

Larger pieces of scrap metal or metal objects

Oversized Items

Bulky items that fit within the dumpster size constraints

Non-Hazardous Waste

Generally accepted waste that is not considered hazardous

Electronic Equipment

Some providers may accept larger electronic items

What To Look For In A 8-Yard Dumpster

  • Check local regulations and HOA rules for 8-yard dumpster size and weight restrictions
  • Verify if a dumpster permit is needed for a 8-yard dumpster in your city
  • Ensure the 8-yard dumpster is clean and well-kept for the rental duration

Choose a company that offers driveway-safe 8-yard dumpsters like Bin-Drop

  • Know the fees associated with your 8-yard dumpster rental and avoid hidden charges
  • Consider the type of project to ensure you can dispose of all materials safely in a 8-yard dumpster

Yes, disposal of propane tanks, fuel, oils, and other hazardous substances is prohibited. Incorrect disposal is illegal in most areas due to their highly flammable nature.

Additional fees may include hazardous waste handling fees ($350+), fuel surcharges, long-term rental fees, overweight load adjustments ($250/hr), last-minute delivery/pickup changes ($150), expedited service fees ($150), overweight tonnage fees ($120/ton), and unauthorized dumpster moves ($125).

No, the bin rental agreement covers delivery, pickup, and disposal of an 8-yard dumpster for seven days. Additional charges apply if the rental exceeds 7 days. Bin-Drop reserves the right to collect rental bins after 7 days, including weekends.

In most cases, local regulations require 8-yard dumpsters to be placed on private property, like a driveway or alley access, rather than on the public street. Exceptions may apply if you obtain proper permissions or licenses from your town.

Yes, dumpsters cannot impede traffic flow and must have a clear path for truck access on private land, ensuring sufficient clearance above.

When your dumpster is full and no longer needed, simply give us a call or book an appointment online, and we'll promptly send a truck for pickup.

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