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Dumpster Rentals in NJ

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of debris you need to dispose of during your remodeling, construction, or cleanup project? Are you worried about the costs and hassles of waste disposal? Look no further than BIN-Drop Dumpster Rentals. With our affordable and convenient dumpster rental services in NJ, we can help you manage your waste effectively and efficiently.

Our team of experts are dedicated to providing personalized solutions that meet your specific needs, saving you time, money, and hassle. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we have the right dumpster size and waste services to help you tackle any project, big or small. Let us take care of your waste removal needs, so you can focus on the task at hand. Contact us today to experience the benefits of our reliable and hassle-free dumpster rental services.

Dumpster Sizes

What size dumpster do you need? It’s a common question that we’re asked. The answer varies depending on your project’s scope, the amount of debris you need to dispose of, and the amount of space you have available for a dumpster. Let’s take a closer look at common dumpster sizes in NJ:

10-Yard Dumpster: Perfect for small remodeling projects or minor clean outs, like decluttering a basement or attic.

20-Yard Dumpster: Capable of holding up to 20 cubic yards of debris, this size of the dumpster is perfect for larger home renovation projects like kitchen remodeling and basement finishing, or complete garage or house clean-outs.

30-Yard Dumpster: Typically used for larger construction projects, this size dumpster is ideal if you’re clearing out a large garage or home renovation project.

40-Yard Dumpster: The largest size dumpster available and it’s ideal for larger commercial construction projects or whole home clean-outs.

Commercial Waste Services


Dumpster Sizes & pricing

  • 1 Ton Weight Limit
  • Length: 12 FT
  • Width: 8 FT
  • Height: 4.5 FT
  • Home Cleanouts
  • DIY Projects
  • Outdoor Projects
  • 2 Ton Weight Limit
  • Length: 12 FT
  • Width: 8 FT
  • Height: 4.5 FT
  • Home Cleanouts
  • DIY Projects
  • Outdoor Projects
  • 2.5 Ton Weight Limit
  • Length: 14 or 16 FT
  • Width: 8 FT
  • Height: 4.5 FT
  • Major Cleanouts
  • Roofing Projects
  • Outdoor Projects
  • 3.5 Ton Weight Limit
  • Length: 18 FT
  • Width: 8 FT
  • Height: 6.5 FT
  • Major Renovations
  • Commercial Cleanouts
  • Large Waste Removal

Types of Debris

It’s important to note that not all debris is created equal – and that can affect the type of dumpster you need to rent. Before you rent a dumpster in NJ, identify the type of debris you need to dispose of, including construction debris, yard waste, bulky items, and heavy materials like concrete or bricks. Different types of debris require different disposal methods. It’s also important to note that hazardous materials like chemicals and batteries are not accepted in any NJ dumpster rentals.

Identifying the specific types of debris you need to dispose of before renting a dumpster is crucial. At BIN-Drop Dumpster Rentals, we accept a wide range of debris types, including:

Construction Debris

Construction debris refers to materials like concrete, bricks, wood, metal, drywall, shingles, and more generated from demolition, construction, or renovation projects.

Bulky Items

Bulky items include items like old furniture, mattresses, and appliances that cannot be disposed of with regular household waste.

Yard Waste

Yard wastes like branches, grass clippings, leaves, and other green waste are accepted in our rental dumpsters.

Heavy Materials

Heavier materials like concrete and bricks require special dumpsters to carry and dispose of them correctly. These types of debris require handling with care and can only be disposed of in specific types of dumpsters.

General Household Waste

General household waste refers to everyday trash generated from residences or offices. This category includes non-hazardous items like metal, wood, and plastic.

Proper Disposal Methods

Different debris types require different disposal techniques. Our team of experts will recommend the appropriate disposal methods for each type of debris, ensuring that everything is disposed of efficiently and in compliance with local waste management rules and regulations. 

7-Day Rental

All of our New Jersey dumpster rentals include 7-day rentals including weekends. That’s enough time for most projects. Whatever the job is that you need to clean up, our customer service team and drivers will deliver your dumpster when you need it and pick it up when you are done.

Delivery & Pick Up

From start to finish, Bin-Drop Dumpster Rentals is there for you. We’ll handle the drop-off and pick up, just let us know when! Our roll off container dumpsters and residential & contractor friendly and our drivers are ready to help.

Dumpster Weight Limits

Each dumpster rental comes with a set weight limit, which cannot be exceeded. The limit varies depending on the size of the dumpster. It’s critical to take caution during the packing process to avoid exceeding the dumpster’s weight limit. This may lead to extra fees from the rental company. For instance, a 20-yard dumpster typically has a weight limit of around 4 tons.

Dumpster Rental Pricing in NJ

It’s vital to remember that the cost of a dumpster rental varies depending on location, the company you rent from, the size of dumpster, duration of rental, weight of debris, and more. There may also be additional fees for things like extra days, picking the wrong size dumpster, overloading the containers, and even delivery and pickup. It’s always best to ask the dumpster rental company about any potential extra fees in advance to avoid any surprises on your bill.

Waste Removal Needs 

When contacting us to book your dumpster rental, we’ll work with you to determine the right size dumpster for your specific needs. We offer a wide range of waste management services to help with your cleanup needs, including residential dumpster rentals, commercial dumpster rentals, roll-off dumpster rentals, and waste removal services for residential and commercial properties. When you rent with us, you can count on transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Want your dumpster delivered same-day? Simply contact us and we’ll accommodate your needs if possible.

Recycling Services

Responsible waste disposal and recycling is important to us. Many of the items that can be recycled can also be added in our rental dumpsters. We partner with local recycling facilities to ensure that your waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

In many cases, yes, we can deliver a dumpster to you on the same day. Please contact us at 201-566-7719 We will do our best to deliver a dumpster to you today. If we can’t deliver a dumpster to you today, we will be able to deliver to you tomorrow.

Bin-Drop Dumpster Rental offers 10-yard, 15-yard, 20-yard and 30-yard compact dumpsters. All of our dumpsters are designed to fit into narrow spaces and take up the approximate footprint of a minivan.

Bin-Drop dumpsters must be placed on flat, hard surfaces, such as a driveway. We are unable to place dumpsters on slopes, city streets*, soft ground, or property that does not belong to you. *You must have a permit or written permission from the city for us to place the dumpster on the street.

We place planks under the wheels and the front of the dumpster so that it sits on wood and not directly on the pavement. In most cases, no damage is done to the driveway.

We can either pre-schedule a dumpster pick-up, or when you’re done with your rental, contact us at 201-566-7719 or email us at [email protected], to schedule your pickup.

You do not need to be home when we come to pick up your dumpster rental. Simply ensure that the dumpster is a level load (weight distributed evenly throughout the dumpster), with no items sticking out of the top of the bin. Please also ensure that there are no obstructions to block our access to the dumpster.
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