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Let’s start by saying…. THANK YOU!! We APPRECIATE you choosing Bin-Drop Dumpster Rental.  

 It is our goal to make your dumpster rentals with Bin-Drop a seamless experience for you! Don’t forget to share our info with friends and family who need dumpster rentals in the future. ☺ 

 Customers requested Bin-Drop to place a bin on their property. Delivery drops off or pickup of bins involves foreseeable and unforeseeable risks for damage to the property. Understanding these risks, the customer has directed Bin-Drop to place or pickup, or travel through, paved and/or unpaved areas. Customer acknowledges that the bin and vehicles used to drop off and retrieve the bin may cause damage to the lawn, landscaping subsurface equipment, pavements, curbs, sidewalks, and utilities including, but not limited to, sprinklers, piping, drains and tiles.

Customer expressly releases Bin-Drop from any claim for defect or damage caused directly or indirectly by delivery, drop off or retrieval of the bin including water/rust residue.  Customer further agrees to indemnify Bin-Drop for damages, cost, and attorney fees in the event a claim is brought against Bin-Drop which is related in any way to the delivery, drop off, or retrieval of any bin in an unpaved or paved area on the customers property.

Customer is to inspect the condition of the bin upon delivery and immediately report any damage. Any damage done to the bin in the customer’s possession, shall be the responsibility of the customer. This includes fire, theft, damage to the doors, damage to the welding and paint, etc.

Customers cannot move or have anyone move any container without Bin-Drop express permission or assistance. If a bin needs to be moved, Bin-Drop will schedule to relocate the bin on the property and will charge the credit card on file $125.00 bin moving fee.

Bin-Drop has the right to enter the property where the container is located for the purpose of delivery, pickup and if the NJDEP decals are scheduled to be updated.

Customer agrees to provide unobstructed access, day of delivery and day of pickup. Bin-Drop will make every reasonable effort to deliver and pick up the bin at the scheduled time. If Bin-Drop cannot make a reasonable delivery or pickup due to obstruction, the customer’s credit card will be charged a $250.00 attempt fee.

Customers cannot put in any waste materials which have not been explicitly permitted. Customer cannot, under any circumstance put any hazardous or prohibited wastes into any containers such as gas/fuel, oil, antifreeze, paint, asbestos, chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, cleaning products, mercury containing items, pool chemicals, turpentine, weed killers, etc.) municipal waste, contaminated waste or soil, incinerator ash, septic waste, sewage sludge, batteries, liquids, brick, concrete, rocks, dirt, ashplant etc. Customers will be responsible for any and all liability associated with hazardous and non-hazardous / non-permitted waste being deposited into any Bin-Drops containers while in the customers possession.  This includes any cost associated with the cleaning/removal of such chemicals from Bin-Drops property.  Property includes but not limited to dumpsters, trucks, driveway protection boards and employee uniforms.  A minimum charge of $350 will be imposed as an additional cost. 

Customers shall observe the fill line on the side of the bin. Bin-Drop will not be able to retrieve a bin if the waste protrudes from the top of the bin. Customer is responsible to remove any materials that are over the fill line before bin retrieval. In the event a bin cannot be retrieved due to a bin overfill or excessive weight (in the event the bin is too heavy to be picked up by the truck), customers’ credit card will be charged $250.00 for each pickup attempt. If the dumpster is too heavy to pick up, we will need the customer to reduce the weight. In some cases, we may need to deliver a second dumpster. Customers will be responsible for emptying the product from the first dumpster into the second. Customers will be charged a full second dumpster rental in order for a safe and legal pickup. If a customer doesn’t balance a load, Bin-Drop will charge a customer $250 per hour to balance the load weight in addition to the extra dumpster rental. Dumpster overweight doesn’t happen often, but in the rare event it does, we want to make sure the customer knows their options to make the best educated decision.

Customer cancels delivery within 24 hours prior to scheduled date, will be subject to a $150.00 scheduling adjustment charge. Any cancellations made prior to the 24 hours date; customers will receive a full refund.

“Priority” deliveries or pickups are subject to an additional $150 charge.

The bin rental agreement includes delivery, pickup and disposal for a 7-day bin rental. There will be additional fees associated if rental exceeds a 7-day period.  Bin-Drop reserves the right to pick up the rented bin after 7 days including weekends. 

Credit cards will be charged the full price of the bin rental prior to the dumpster delivery date.  At the time of pick up and disposal, if the dumpster is overweight, the customer will be charged the overweight tonnage fee of $120 per ton (prorated). Bin-Drop will send the customer an updated receipt for the additional charges.

 Fuel Surcharge: We have implemented a fuel surcharge on all work orders. This fuel surcharge will remain independent from our base rates and will be shown as a separate entry on your invoice. We will compute the fuel surcharge on either a mileage basis, per ton basis, flat fee basis, or as per necessary.

Please call or email us if you have any questions about these terms and conditions [email protected]. We are here to make sure you completely understand these conditions. 

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