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Front load dumpsters feature open tops and front-facing access doors, allowing specialty garbage trucks
with hydraulic lifts to collect and empty waste straight from the front. When you rent a front load dumpster,
there are several common-size options to meet your waste volume needs. So, choosing the right size of
front load dumpster is important to ensure that you have ample room for waste collection without overpaying.

Our Front Load Dumpster Rental Sizes

It might be difficult to estimate how much rubbish will wind up in a dumpster. As a result, you must consider your materials’ volume as well as their weight. Regardless of your needs, we offer front load dumpsters in a variety of standard sizes to meet your waste removal needs. The descriptions below provide a comparison of dumpster sizes and capacity.

*The estimated capacity is measured in terms of 33-gallon trash bags. Note that while the overall capacity is accurate, the outside dimensions may differ.

2 Cubic Yard Dumpster

A 2 cubic yard front load dumpster is a small to medium-sized metal dumpster that can hold 2 cubic yards of waste material. It is commonly used for smaller apartment buildings, retail shops, and small office spaces that generate modest waste volumes. The front load design allows easy access for garbage collection.

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3 Cubic Yard Dumpster

A 3 cubic yard front load dumpster is a medium-sized dumpster designed to hold about 3 cubic yards of trash and debris. It is typically used at multi-family housing facilities, small retail outlets, cafes, or office spaces that have moderate waste generation periodically. The front-loading capability allows collection trucks to conveniently access and empty the contents.

4 Cubic Yard Dumpster

A 4 cubic yard front load dumpster is a standard medium-large sized metal dumpster designed to hold roughly 4 cubic yards of waste material. It is commonly utilized at apartment complexes, restaurants, small warehouses, and various commercial sites that routinely generate moderate volumes of trash and debris.

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6 Cubic Yard Dumpster

A 6 cubic yard front load dumpster is a larger metal dumpster capable of holding approximately 6 cubic yards of trash and debris. It is frequently used at busy commercial locations like full-service restaurants, grocery stores, offices, light industrial sites, and construction projects that have substantial waste output.

8 Cubic Yard Dumpster

An 8 cubic yard front load dumpster is an extra large industrial-sized dumpster designed to hold around 8 cubic yards of waste material. It is utilized at locations with very high debris and garbage output like warehouses, apartment complexes, shopping centers, construction sites, or manufacturing plants. The front-loading function allows waste haulers to efficiently collect the contents with trucks equipped for this size.

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Dumpster Size Comparison Chart

Various front load dumpster sizes are available, each ideal for a wide range of uses. And, knowing what each size is best suited for your project can help you get started quickly. So, here’s a front load dumpster size comparison chart to help you understand:

15 ft Final 1024x405 2
Capacity: 400 pounds
Best For:Businesses with up to 25 employees
15 ft Final 1024x405 2
Capacity: 600 pounds
Best For:Businesses with up to 50 employees
15 ft Final 1024x405 2
Capacity: 800 pounds
Best For:Businesses with up to 100 employees
15 ft Final 1024x405 2
Capacity: 1200 pounds
Best For:Businesses with up to 250 employees
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What is a front load dumpster?

A front load dumpster is a large, open-top waste container that sits on the ground and is designed for waste to be loaded into it from above while being emptied from the front by a specialty garbage truck with a hydraulic lift. This design allows the container to be picked up and dumped directly into the truck. Front load dumpsters have sturdy steel construction and come in a range of sizes from 2-8+ cubic yards.

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What size is a front load dumpster?

Common sizes of front load dumpsters are 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 cubic yards. A 2-yard dumpster is good for smaller apartment buildings or retail stores. 3 to 4-yard dumpsters work well for small to mid-sized businesses. Full-size restaurants may utilize 6-yard dumpsters. Facilities with high waste generation like warehouses or construction sites will use the largest 8+ yard front load containers. The dimensions vary with capacity – for example, a standard 4-yard dumpster is about 12 ft long x 8ft wide x 4ft tall.

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What is the front load dumpster used for?

Front load dumpsters are versatile, but generally used to conveniently collect moderate to large volumes of routine waste from multi-family housing and businesses. The front-loading design allows easy access for waste removal trucks to service the contents without needing to collect many individual bags or cans. Front load dumpster contents may include general trash, food waste, packaging materials, construction debris, or other types of refuse. Their application allows centralized waste storage in a tidy container that is simple for waste haulers to access and empty out.

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To calculate front loans dumpster size, estimate your weekly waste volume, allow for spikes at peak times, accommodate future growth, and use waste hauler sizing tools. As a general rule of thumb, 2 cubic yards work for small shops, 3-4 CY for offices/stores up to 6 CY for most restaurants, and 8+ cubic yards for high-volume locations.

The most popular front load dumpster rental size is the 4 cubic yard dumpster, which handles trash needs for most small to medium businesses.

Front load dumpsters are loaded from the front side by trucks with hydraulic lifts, while rear-load dumpsters have lids allowing manual loading from above which are emptied into rear-loading trucks.

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